Yaddlethorpe Ponds

This complex is owned solely by the Club and, as such, is seen as our flagship.

Brief description of fishery:

Fishing is dawn to dusk only, on all ponds, Fishing times , except, North Pond, Match Pond and Clive’s Cutt

Dogs: dogs are not allowed on this venue, with the exception of assistance and therapy dogs. Any such dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.

Unhooking mats – ALL members fishing at Yaddlethorpe must be in possession of and use an unhooking mat. Members failing to follow this rule will either be offered the opportunity to buy a mat from the club or they will be asked to leave and not to return until they have acquired a mat.

Keepnets – keepnets are NOT allowed on any Yaddlethorpe pond except in matches

Toilets – There is a locked toilet next to the front car park. Keys may be purchased from the club bailiffs.

The North Pond – night fishing allowed, see bottom of this page for details

There are currently 12 pegs are available, including one for less abled anglers, on this pond. Along with carp, this pond holds a good head of black tench and several ghost carp.

The Match Pond – night fishing allowed, see bottom of this page for details

There are 38 pegs, including 4 pegs suitable for less abled anglers, on this stunning pond with carp being the dominant species here. The pond is also stocked with silvers, tench, bream, pike and perch with some reaching specimen size.

The Oasis – dawn to dusk fishing only

Set in the middle of the complex with 12 double size pegs with plans to convert one into a less abled peg with a hardstanding pathway. This pond is ideal for getting the kids into fishing and has been designed as a family-oriented pond with a large grassed area to the side for a picnic.

The pond is stocked with everything from goldfish to carp.

Crucian Corner – dawn to dusk fishing only

This is our breeding pond, it has lots of small crucians and perch. There are only 5 pegs on this pond.

Tench and Crucian pond – dawn to dusk fishing only

A category A listed crucian fishery. Only float fishing from the permanent pegs is allowed.
No raking of swims without prior permission.
No transfer of fish stocks.

Clive’s Cutt – night fishing allowed, see Clive’s Cutt page for details

Clive’s Cutt opened in 2022  and is being developed as a specimen carp water together with some fine tench specimens.  The pond has been named ‘Clive’s Cutt’ in memory of Clive Boulton. our once long serving chairman who sadly passed away in February 2022. There are 9 pegs in total and each is fished strictly by booking only.

The fish in this pond are perfect in every way and it’s our intention to maintain this standard. There are several bailiffs who monitor activities on this pond and our sponsor, Eyewatch Security, carry out regular checks during the night.  Also, be aware that CCTV with 24hr recording has been installed around this complex.

Night fishing on North & Match ponds only

Night fishing, which in this context means both fishing all night or for just a couple of hours after dark, is allowed on this venue subject to the following:

  1. You have purchased an SAA night permit (this is currently only available to those who have previously purchased one).
  2. You have sent a text message to 07922 716880 stating your full name, your membership number, the pond and the date that intend to night fish. This is to show that the club is proving to adhere to the conditions of the lease and in addition the Club’s insurance requirements. Your health and safety is our No1 concern.

SAA’s specialist pond named in memory of Clive Boulton, Chairman for many years until 2022. This pond holds pristine carp and tench together with silvers and pike. Pegs must be pre-booked – see below for terms and conditions.

Booking Clive’s Cutt

Members who wish to fish Clive’s Cutt MUST book their place in advance, you may NOT simply turn up and fish even if the lake is empty. If Night Fishing you MUST be in possession of an SAA night permit and you MUST have an SAA toilet key. When booking you may request which swim you want. There are a maximum of 9 anglers allowed on the Cutt at any one time. You will be given payment instructions when making your booking.

Bookings are made by calling 07922716880 on Monday to Friday between 0900 – 1700. This number is NOT monitored outside of these hours, so please ensure you book sessions during these times.

Day fishing, 10:00 until dusk. Price £5.

Night fishing, 10:00 until 09:00. You must finish fishing at 09:00 and clear your peg by 09:30. Price £10.00

Please see the specific rules for this pond.

Anglers must adhere to the rules.  Failure to do so will result in Bailiffs requesting anglers to cease fishing until failure is rectified to the satisfaction of the Bailiff.    


  • Minimum 15lbs BS mainline
  • No braided mainline
  • Barbless hooks only, minimum size 10
  • Safe rigs with ejecting leads only
  • Minimum 42” landing net
  • Unhooking cradle/mat must be used
  • Nets and cradles to be dry before fishing
  • Fish must be weighed in a weigh sling
  • No sacking or retaining of fish
  • No removal or transfer of fish
  • Photos to be taken over cradle/mat with angler kneeling
  • No publishing of weights on social media
  • Night fishing permits required
  • Night anglers must have a toilet key
  • Anglers must have and use a fish care kit
  • Bait boats allowed provided no interference with other pegs
  • No bread, nuts dog/cat meat/biscuits
  • Max 2 rods per Peg
  • Max 1 angler per Peg only – with exception of an accompanied child
  • Fishing from booked peg only
  • Baited rods not to be left unattended
  • Pegs to be left clean and tidy
  • Night anglers to vacate pegs by 09:00 on day of departure
  • No wading
  • No barbeques, fires, dogs, alcohol or drugs


Scotter Road South, Messingham,

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Just 1 mile south of Asda on the A159 Scotter Road South.
A beautiful well established Lakes complex set in old brick works has been a fishery for over 100 years. Stunning scenery and wildlife as well as many characteristic fishing ponds of varying sizes are there for anglers of all abilities to enjoy. A truly good-looking fishery set in stunning woodland surroundings, Pleasure anglers and top match angler equally happy here. Peace, quiet and beauty all in one place.

The site is currently undergoing major restoration work.


  • Silvers
  • Tench
  • Bream
  • Pike
  • Perch
  • Goldfish
  • Crucians