Club Constitution

The Club

  • The name of the club shall be SCUNTHORPE AMALGAMATED ANGLERS, hereafter referred to as the Club
  • The Club shall comprise of individual anglers, angling clubs and angling bodies, the latter via affiliation system from anywhere in the country, without prejudice as to age, sex, creed or colour.
  • The purpose and aim of the Club shall be to provide facilities and opportunity for the members to pursue the pastime of fresh water angling, and to encourage the future uptake of the pastime by others.
  • The Club is a non-profit organisation and all monies raised by or on behalf of The Club shall be applied to further the aims and objectives of The Club and for no other purpose.
  • Any matters for the consideration of the committee at an Annual General Meeting (AGM), which may affect or alter the constitution or club rules, must be made in writing and addressed to the committee via the Secretary, and such communication must be received by the Committee at least 4 weeks prior to the AGM, which will be held in the first third of the financial year (April to March)
  • Any amendments to the Constitution can only be made at an AGM or Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).   An EGM maybe arranged at any time on the authority of:
    • A resolution to that effect passed by the committee.
    • The committee upon receipt of a request to the effect signed by not less than 10 fully paid-up members, giving in writing their reasons for such request, together with a copy of the resolution which is proposed to submit for the decision of such a meeting.
    • All members shall be given due advance notice of the time, date, venue and the purpose of, or resolutions resulting in, the calling such an EGM. 


  • To promote and encourage the sport of angling and to ensure a duty of care to all members of the club, making sure that it meets the objectives of the members.
  • To ensure the safe handling of fish, protection of wildlife and the clubs venues.
  • To purchase, lease, rent or otherwise obtain waters and provide fishing and access rights for the members.
  • To ensure an on-going commitment to the fair treatment of all anglers with no discrimination of any kind.
  • It is the responsibility of all club members to read and familiarise themselves with the constitution, rules and codes of conduct of the Scunthorpe Amalgamated Anglers (Club).


  • Full membership of the Club shall be available to anyone aged 16 years or over, on condition that such member shall also hold an appropriate and current Environment Agency Rod Licence. Any person who is aged under 16 years on 16th June shall be deemed to be under 16 years of age until 15th June in the following year. However, a person who attains the age of 16 years can join the club as a full member at any time following their 16th birthday.
  • Membership shall be valid for twelve months from date of purchase.
  • Failure on a member’s part to hold an Environment Agency Rod Licence shall render their membership invalid.
  • It shall not be the responsibility of the club or the officials to ensure that a member holds a current and valid Environment Agency Rod Licence.
  • Any waters obtained or leased by the Club shall be provided for the use of all members of the Scunthorpe Amalgamated Anglers, its associate members, or other such persons authorised by the committee.
  • Members using the Club fisheries shall abide by all standing rules together with any additional rules imposed by the fishery owners. Members and other authorised persons are also advised, reminded, and obliged, to take due care when using the Club’s fisheries and other facilities.
  • The annual subscription for membership shall be set by the committee and may be amended at any time.
  • All membership subscriptions fees shall become overdue twelve months from date of purchase, and un-renewed memberships shall be invalid as of that date.
  • All subscriptions to be paid to the membership secretary, appointed official or their appointed agent(s).
  • Each member shall be bound by the Club rules and any breach of the rules may be dealt with by the General Committee with the ultimate penalty being expulsion of the offending member from the Club without refund.
  • Any breach of the rules of the club may incur an immediate suspension of membership pending a decision by the committee at the meeting of the committee. Such a temporary suspension shall be notified to the offending member by the secretary, or other committee member, as soon as practicable and need not be made in writing.
  • Any member expelled from the club or otherwise punished before a meeting of the committee shall have a right to appeal, within one calendar month of their written notification of their punishment or expulsion, to the committee, of their intention to appeal.
  • All members may attend the AGM or EGM and shall be entitled to vote. Those members must be in possession of proof of valid membership of the Club.
  • The committee reserve the right to decline without giving any reason any application to join or re-join the club if it considers it is not the best interest of the club to do so.

Club Management

  • At the Annual General Meeting there shall be appointed a Committee compromising of a Chairman, Secretary, Match Secretary, Treasurer, One Auditor and a Committee of Management who will serve for 3 years before re-election.
  • Other non-executive officials will be appointed as required and these shall report directly to the executive committee.
  • The Committee shall be responsible for the efficient management of the club and its finances. Detailed records of such finances shall be made available to the committee, at any reasonable time and a detailed summary and statement of finances shall be prepared by the Treasurer.
  • The Club Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the financial account of The Club detailing all income received and expenditure made.
  • Any vacancies arising within the committee may be filled by co-option by the committee, of any member, and any such co-option shall be deemed valid until the following AGM.
  • The Committee shall appoint members to any role deemed necessary to ensure efficient management of the club and its fisheries. There should be appointed sufficient number of fishery bailiffs and venue managers to oversee the control of fisheries owned or leased by The Club, and to supervise the conduct of the members.
  • In the absence of the Chairman at any meeting the committee shall elect a deputy from among their number to perform the duties of the Chairman for the duration of that meeting only.
  • In the event of the committee being unable to reach a conclusive decision regarding any matter in hand the Chairman, or a deputy temporarily elected, shall make such a decision on behalf of the members but should, in so doing, take into account the purpose and aims of the Club.
  • Club Bailiffs are empowered to confiscate a member’s book if they are deemed to have broken club rules or found to have caused malicious harm to other anglers or club property. The club member in question can appeal within 28 days to the committee.
  • The Committee shall reserve the right to close waters belonging to them or leased to them for reasons of safety, disease prevention, fish welfare, or any other circumstances that should require restricted access. It also includes the option to terminate a lease with short notice.
  • All assets, chattels and such other properties belonging to, or leased by the Club shall be under the management and control of the Executive Committee.
  • The Club shall appoint a Holding Trustee who is responsible for security and administration of deeds/documentation owned by the Club.
  • The club shall adopt and adhere to a Child Protection Policy and an Equal Opportunities recognised and approved by the sport’s national governing body.
  • The committee will recognise its legal obligation not to discriminate and will regard any discrimination by its members or volunteers as grounds for disciplinary action.
  • The committee may make any change to the Club rules at any time where deemed appropriate.


  • The Club is a non-profit organisation and all monies raised by or on behalf of The Club shall be applied to further the aims and objectives of The Club and for no other purpose.
  • The ‘financial year’ of the Club shall be from April 1st to March 31st each year
  • The funds of The Club shall be lodged at a bank or building society in an account in the name of The Club, save for sufficient funds held as ‘cash in hand’, deemed necessary and appropriate by the treasurer to allow for routine management of Club business.
  • All cheques, drafts, etc. drawn on this account shall be signed by two of the following officers, Chairperson, Treasurer and a nominated Committee member.
    All financial accounts of the Club shall be independently audited and approved by the Committee at the AGM.
  • The club shall ensure that the club and its employees are adequately covered in respect of appropriate and civil liabilities insurance.
  • Officers and Committee Members shall be liable only to the extent of the assets vested in them in trust for the benefit of the Club and not further or otherwise.
  • Neither the Committee nor any officer or member shall at any time incur nor permit to be incurred any liability which exceeds the total financial assets of the Club at that time.
  • Neither the Club Committee or Trustees or Landowners shall be responsible for any injury sustained or damage committed while members are fishing on or travelling to and from its waters.
  • A decision to dissolve the club may only be reached at the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting arranged in accordance with this Constitution. Following a resolution to dissolve the club which must be carried by at least two thirds of the members present, the club shall then realise the assets of the club and discharge all liabilities and debts. After discharging debts and liabilities the remaining assets shall not be shared by the members of the club, but shall be given to some other club or voluntary organisation having similar objectives to the club.


Yaddlethorpe Ponds,
Scotter Road South,
Nth Lincolnshire,
DN17 2BT

01724 855730