Water Conditions

Warping Drain

Not good news, I’m afraid. This morning, I rang the solicitor acting for the IDB. He stated that the IDB were not going to meet us to discuss the increase in licence renewal nor the stipulations imposed in the new agreement i.e. that we can not work on the bank side to make suitable areas for anglers, etc. He then said that by “mutual consent”, that the IDB were happy to part ways with us as their maintenance costs for this water was too high (which I interpret ‘as we would not get much done’ and the drain would be left to deteriorate). I’ll remind you that the priority on their list is to provide the farmers with grandfather rights to abstract in times of need……. fishing is way down the list. Hence the levels and the weed have always given us grief and through a season on numerous occasions we have been fobbed off, ignored when we have raised concern.

So, at the AGM the committee was mandated to get a good deal or failing this to end our arrangement with the IDB. The committee this morning has unanimously agreed to no longer rent Warping Drain.

I’d like on behalf of the committee to thank those bailiffs and volunteers who have passionately nurtured and maintained this drain over the years. Particular mention for Derek Topping who as man and boy has lived for the Warping Drain. He has had to deal with an increasing number of incidents with poachers and had excellent contacts in the EA to help him with his endeavours. I know how much this decision will hurt him but at least he will still be able to walk the stretch and enjoy the nature side of the venue. He also has planted a tree on the venue in memory of his parents, some years ago. Also, a big thanks to Robin Jones for supporting Derek in recent years.

South Clifton Update

After the Trent bailiffs meeting on Wednesday, the decision has been made to grant vehicle access at Trent lane gate at South Clifton.

This is purely to drop tackle down to the right then all vehicles must be parked back on the lane. The flood bank has taken some damage during the floods so please drive with care and please DO NOT drive down the back of the bank at the power station carpark end. The bank needs repairs at some point plus we are planning to open up vehicle access at the front of the flood bank so please bare with us.

Many thanks and tight lines for the new season. 🎣👍

Dave Collins

Girton Update.

Today has been a busy day on the phone! I’ve been in contact with the Parish council. They support our situation re. having vehicular access through the gate. I explained the ramifications of us not having the fishing lease as was seen on the Ancholme late ’22. The anarchy that Collingham experienced and we have successfully contained but without us there, there is no doubt thar anarchy will resume …..at Girton.

Tarmac are adamant, if not belligerent, in their stance. Some of what they say is not true and the Parish Council know this. Tarmac have even told the EA that they can only go through the gate by appointment!!

A local councillor has eventually got them to agree to a meeting between Tarmac and us (SAA) with her mediating. This will take place one evening next week. I thanked her for getting this far.

Meanwhile, we do not have vehicular access through the first gate. Parking on the lane is an additional concern for both us and the council. In addition, I made the point that emergency services will not have access either.

We will update as soon as there is some development. Meanwhile, please do not do anything to antagonise Tarmac and make the situation any worse than it is.

Posted 11/06/24

Further to the above. The parish councillor has managed to arrange a meeting with myself, Tarmac and herself as mediator (at my request). The Tarmac bod has agreed and after considering the ramifications of his action (access for emergency services, EA, parking on the lane, etc) he has partially relented and said he will allow us to park half up the track if we install edge protection barriers eg a full length of substantial fencing!! However, he will not allow this to happen until he returns from holiday in 2 weeks time!!! Ever tried to plat fog?! Newark Pisc. own the pegs and we lease off them. Their solicitor is on holiday and doesn’t return until 2 weeks time. So, in the immediate future we are at an impasse.

Ladypitt update

Having spoken with the estate manager for the top meadow at lady Pitt, I have now had clearance to use this stretch from the beginning of the season, however I am struggling to find someone who will cut a track in the grass, I will endeavour to try and find someone before Sunday, on the plus side it is getting cut for silage in July, no specific date but July.

Posted 14/06/24