Our Bailiffs

Proof of membership must be carried at all times when fishing SAA waters and must be shown to one of our bailiffs upon request. Our rules state that an angler must have an EA licence to fish and, if a bailiff requests to see it, then you must comply. Any member may also request to see another angler’s membership when fishing club waters.

All Scunthorpe Amalgamated Anglers bailiffs wear club clothing and carry photo ID. They have the right to inspect membership cards and day tickets. They can also sell day tickets to non-members or have the right to tell non-members to leave the venue if they refuse to buy a day ticket.

Fishing without the controller of fishing right’s permission, where a private right of fishery exists, is a criminal offence under Schedule 1, Theft Act, 1968.

There is a “zero tolerance” policy and according to the level of rule breaking the penalties range from verbal, being asked to leave the fishery, to suspension of membership and/or reporting to the committee for a lifetime ban.  Rule breaking will range from littering, failure to ensure the welfare of our fish to abusive behaviour.  Minor rule breaking will result in a “strike” and 3 strikes will result in a report sent to the committee for consideration. Racism and bullying will also be subject to a life time ban.  See our constitution for further details.

Bailiffing teamWatersEmail
Dean BoltonHead Bailiffdean@eyewatch-security.co.uk
Jamie DaleAll venues
Scott ReynoldsAll venues
Neil StirratAll Trent venues
Mike StoreyAncholme
Paul CresseyAncholme
Paul WalkerAncholme, Pike Specialist
Mick Brown
Joint Trent lead bailiff
Besthorpe, Girton, S. Clifton
Mick DaleAncholme
Nick NeedhamBesthorpe, Girton, S. Clifton
Dave OakleyBlack Bank
Mark Rounce
Lead bailiff
Black Bank
Nick CraddockBlack Bank
Adrian LawlessDunhamaday1973@hotmail.co.uk
Andrew Brumpton
Lead bailiff
Andy Lee
Lead bailiff
Keith Howard
Lead bailiff
Louth Canal
Carl Ashbridge
S&K lead bailiff
Medge Hall, S&K Canalcarloss25@hotmail.co.uk
Jason Gerry
Medge Hall lead bailiff
Medge Hall, S&K Canal
Andrew WardellTorne, S&K Canal
Mark GregoryTorne, S&K Canalmarkgregory2216@gmail.com
Derek Topping
Lead bailiff
Warping Drain
Robin JonesWarping Drain
David WrightYaddlethorpe, Clive's Cutt
Ian LoosemoreYaddlethorpe, Clive's Cutt
Mark loosemore
Yadd & CC lead bailiff
Yaddlethorpe, Clive's Cutt
Other SAA responsibilities
Jamie DaleR Trent, Night fishing booking. Will only reply if there is an issue.07943651992