Other clubs and Open Match Fixtures

Welcome to the Scunthorpe Angling Club match scene. If you fish matches or fancy giving it a go, we are the club for you. Match fishing is in our DNA. Throughout the year we run a series of Open matches. In April, May & June they are held on the Stainforth & Keadby Canal, whilst in the autumn & winter months the River Ancholme venue of choice. The winter matches on the R Ancholme are held on either the Cake Mills or Springs sections according to river conditions.

We love our matches, and we want you to join us. Even if you have never fished a match, you’ll find we’re the friendliest of friendly clubs, so why not give it a go? To enter contact Mike Storey on 07717748523.


For all Spring League matches on the Keadby canal, meet at the Take a Gander, 1 High St, Burringham, Scunthorpe DN17 3NA at 07:30 for breakfast rolls. The draw will be at 8-30, with fishing from 10:30 to 15:30.

SAA Opens, R Ancholme * – these matches will be fished at either Cake Mills or Springs depending upon river conditions in the week leading up to the match

Saturday 20thSherpaR Trent, BesthorpeLast 20 pegs to the right
Saturday 27thBroughtonBlack Bank, Kestrel pondAll pegs
Saturday 3rdSherpaBlack Bank, Heron PondAll pegs
Sunday 4thIron & Steel ACBlack Bank, Heron PondAll pegsDraw 09:30, Fish 11:00 to 17:00
Sunday 8thLaceby Saxons ACKeadby Canal, BonnyhalePegs 26 - 37
Saturday 14thSherpaR Trent, BesthorpeLast 20 pegs to the right
Sunday 22ndBroughtonBlack Bank, Kestrel pondAll pegs
Sunday 13thSAA OpenR Ancholme *
Sunday 20thBroughtonR Ancholme, Cake MillsPegs 17 - 26
Sunday 20thSAA OpenR Ancholme *
Sunday 27thSAA OpenR Ancholme *
Sunday 3rdSAA OpenR Ancholme *
Saturday 9thSherpaR Ancholme, Cake MillsPegs 26 - 35
Sunday 10thSAA OpenR Ancholme *
Sunday 17thSAA OpenR Ancholme *
Sunday 17thLaceby Saxons ACBlack Bank, Kestrel pondAll pegs
Saturday 23rdSherpaR Ancholme, Springs
Sunday 24thSAA OpenR Ancholme *
Sunday 1stSAA OpenR Ancholme *
Sunday 8thSAA OpenR Ancholme *
Sunday 15thSAA OpenR Ancholme *
Sunday 22ndSAA OpenR Ancholme *