Night Fishing Permit

At the 2023 AGM, the following was decided:

  • To increase the cost of night permits to £15.
  • Members must have been in the club for a minimum of 2 years before they can apply for a night permit.

To renew your existing night permit, please read the following text.

Before you can renew an existing night permit, it must be registered on Clubmate. If your permit isn’t currently on Clubmate you must send a scan or photo of your permit to and we will add it to your profile.

Once the Club is satisfied that you are eligible, you will be sent a promo code that will enable you to renew your permit via Clubmate. You will also be sent a pdf document that will guide you through the process. DO NOT attempt to renew until you have this email.

Members renewing via Clubmate should receive a confirmation email within minutes. You will no longer be sent a night permit card.

Finally, you will need to download the Clubmate app from either Apple’s App Store or Google Play for Android phones. Your profile and photo on your phone are now your proof of membership of both the club and night permit. However, should you forget your phone or have a flat battery the bailiff will still be able to check your membership on their phone