Upper Witham, Long Bennington

Brief description of fishery:

Fishing is dawn to dusk onlyFishing times

This is a fishery only obtained on 16th June 2008. At Long Bennington the Witham is narrow and runs fairly quickly with spasmodic rapids and low weirs. It presents a very different style of fishing with stick float, chubber, or even fly being the order of the day. You will not need your seat box and platform here, just enough tackle to wander the banks stalking for the resident chub, silver fish, barbel, and trout. Some lucky anglers may even encounter one of the few grayling which venture downstream as far as our stretch.

The statutory coarse fish closed season applies to the River Witham (No fishing is allowed between March 15th – June 15th Inclusive)


Long Bennington, England, United Kingdom




Long Bennington is directly off the A1 south of Newark. Leave the A1 and at the T junction turn right into Main Street, then branch left into Church Street. Park in Church Street near to the old folks homes on the right and there is a footpath on the left, which leads to the river. Pass over the footbridge and our stretch runs the full length of the meadows both upstream and downstream of that bridge. Fishing is from the east (far) bank only.

All SAA members fishing at Long Bennington must respect the residents’ parking. Do not park in Woods Close at all.

Do not obstruct any public access on Church Street, there are dropped kerbs either side, these are for local pedestrians, people with wheelchairs, etc. and must not be parked on under any circumstances.

Members are also reminded that the river bank is a public footpath for all to enjoy and urinating in full public view, and constant shouting along the bank is unacceptable. We have enjoyed good relationship with local residents for many years ,so please respect the rules and others rights to enjoy the the local area. We ask members to also report any issues.




  • Chub
  • Silver Fish
  • Barbel
  • Trout