River Torne

Brief description of fishery:

The River Torne, Tunnel Pits To Epworth Road Bridge.

The statutory coarse fish closed season applies to the River Torne (No fishing is allowed between March 15th – June 15th Inclusive)

Fishing is dawn to dusk onlyFishing times

The club has leased exclusive rights to about 4 miles or more of this great river, from where the river is crossed by Epworth Road, (from Five ways roundabout back towards Epworth), upstream as far as Auckley, near Doncaster. There are numerous access points along the stretch, some via main roads, others by the various farm tracks and lanes. In certain areas you are able to drive and park along the riverbank.

Access & parking

Anyone visiting the river should make sure that there is public access along the route they are taking, please, and always obey the country code by closing any gates they drive through, keeping off cultivated crops, etc.

Epworth Road/West End Road – ///work.slave.obstruct  The start of our stretch, no parking past the metal gate on the lane but you can walk down the bank to fish here.

Scawett Lane, Epworth –  ///blaring.seashell.together – Access point to the river here. Roadside parking, do not block EA gate.

Wroot Road – mess.grafted.detriment – Small off road parking area and bank side parking back towards Epworth

Sand Lane, Wroot – ///perused.leaflet.rinsed – Off road parking available next to the river

Wroot Road/Candy Road junction – ///systems.alongside.egging – Bankside parking back towards the village of Wroot

More locations and details to follow.



  • Tench
  • Roach
  • Pike
  • Bream