River Severn, Bridgnorth

Brief description of fishery:

We are pleased to announce that the club has negotiated an agreement with Bridgnorth Angling Society which gives our members access to their four mile stretch of the River Severn above Bridgnorth Shropshire. This stretch of river is very picturesque and varied with all species of fish present and a good head of barbel and chub.

As part of the agreement SDAA have purchased ten BAS books, these are available for members to pre-book on a first come first served basis. Books once booked can be collected locally or will be posted out prior to booked date. All books must be returned to the club immediately by recorded delivery or in person after your trip to maximise availability. On receipt of the book, members must read the rules carefully and ensure they understand and adhere to them as responsible representatives of SDAA.

To loan a book you must be a current member who is registered on Clubmate, and your profile must be complete.

Send a request at least 2 weeks prior to the date to Les Shipp Club Secretary by email to lesshipp@ntlworld.com stating the date(s) that you require the book, your address and Clubmate number.

You must return the book promptly as they are always in high demand.

The BAS book only covers the SAA member and not any family members linked to their account on Clubmate. Members using them must be able to prove membership of SAA through the Clubmate app and have a rod license when fishing. You will be asked to produce these when getting your permit from Rosa Bailey. Rosa is our very knowledgeable contact for fishing this fantastic stretch of the River Severn. Rosa’s contact details are, Mobile 07772800647 and her landline number is 01746766774. Please only use these numbers at reasonable times of the day. Please display your permit in your vehicle windscreen at all times. This permit allows you the length of an old railway line that runs alongside the fishery and gives you better access to the riverbank. If members wish to use this, then they must first obtain a permit from Rosa before fishing at a cost of £1.00 a day. You cannot obtain this pass from Rosa’s home address until after 8.00am so can all please take note of this time. You may retain this pass for the duration of your visit but must be returned at the end of your visit. Returned passes may be put through Rosa’s home address letter box which is 45B Mill Street Bridgnorth. This is nearly opposite the Blue Ginger Indian restaurant.

On the gallery page is a copy of the BAS & BBL matches for the 2023/24 season.

Please check out the latest information regarding Bridgnorth Anglings Rules which must be adhered to.

No BRAID of any kind to be used,

Only one rod at a time to be used but another may be set up but only one line to be in the water.

Every vehicle to display a track pass and under no circumstances are you are allowed up the track before 8 am and the pass can be retained for your length of visit but must be returned at the end of your visit.

The statutory coarse fish closed season applies to the River Severn (No fishing is allowed between March 15th – June 15th Inclusive)


Stanley Lane, Bridgnorth, England, United Kingdom




Our contact at for fishing this fantastic stretch of the River Severn is Rosa Bailey and she can be contacted on 01746 766774. Rosa is very knowledgeable and always happy to help. We would like to encourage all members to take advantage of this arrangement and enjoy the fantastic fishing the Severn has to offer. Listed also is a copy of any booked matches on the waters for members information.

There are other entrances to this spectacular stretch of river but the one shown is the easiest due to being able to access along the old railway line. There are ample parking bays and this is where the lane is gated and you will get the padlock code once you have obtained your ticket from the Rosa.

Please click on the link below to take you to the web page for Middle Severn Angling tackle shop which is in Bridgnorth.




  • Barbel
  • Chub