Stainforth & Keadby Canal

Brief description of fishery:

Fishing rights are leased from the basin at Keadby to Maud’s Bridge, with access on the South bank. The canal has a good stock of fish, especially in late spring through to autumn when large numbers of fish are present throughout the whole stretch. In winter, many fish migrate to overwinter and spawn in the slightly warmer and sheltered waters around Thorne. Main species are roach, bream, perch, roach/bream hybrids, tench (to 7lb plus), rudd, eels, pike (to 30lb) and a few chub, dace and bleak.

No Fishing area – Fishing at the basin is only allowed between 1st November and 31st March. There are signs to this effect. There is a map showing the limits on the maps page.

Anglers can drive along the drain side and park behind their peg but cars must be parked with all 4 wheels off the towpath so as not to obstruct it for pedestrians and cyclists.

Note. No vehicles are allowed on the canal side at any time and the banks may be gated off and locked by the bailiffs discretion to prevent vehicle access if the banks are wet. Please be mindful of walkers and cyclists when you ship back your pole.

There is NO close season on Keadby canal, fishing is allowed all year round.

Night fishing is allowed on this venue.

Dawn to Dusk timesclick here

Night fishing, which in this context means both fishing all night or for just a couple of hours after dark, is allowed on this venue subject to the following:

  1. You have purchased an SAA night permit (this is currently only available to those who have previously purchased one).
  2. You have sent a text message to 07943651992 stating your full name, your membership number, the venue and the date that intend to night fish. This is to show that the club is proving to adhere to the conditions of the lease and in addition the Club’s insurance requirements. Your health and safety is our No1 concern.

Dogs: Members dogs are allowed on this venue, as this venue is accessible by the general public. Members dogs must be kept on a lead and under control at all times. Members must be equipped with and use poo bags when necessary.

Access points

  • Keadby Basin – ///modest.landlady.butternut – car park
    Turn off the B1392 at the Barge Inn just before the bridge, go round the back of the pub and park in the car park. Pedestrian access upstream on the South bank to railway bridge.Width in the basin is 40 metres, depth from 9 to 12 feet, with a narrow near shelf dropping off to 8 feet. There are plenty of bream and skimmers in this section, as well as roach, eels perch and big tench. Fish feeder and waggler across or pole close in or 11 to 14.5 metres.
  • Bonneyhale (Vazon Bridge) – ///headers.canine.sculpting – bridge over canal
    Turn off the B1392 past the power station down Chapel Lane, over the level crossing and the canal bridge, turn right. KEEP ON THE LEFT SIDE and park behind your peg leaving others room to pass. Do not drive on the footpath. The road is blocked at the ‘new’ bridge.Width starts off at 25 metres, narrowing down to 18 metres in places. Depth 9 foot in the channel. Shoals of bream and skimmers, big tench, eels, roach and perch as well as rudd in the rushes. Odd carp around too. Feeder, waggler or pole will work. Bream and tench in the pegs near the rushes.
  • Ealand – //////copiers.croak.baseless
    At junction of A18 and A161 go straight on down the track to the canal, go left downstream. KEEP TO THE RIGHT-HAND SIDE. Park in the gaps. Do not drive onto the footpaths. The road is blocked at the new bridge.Width 18- 20 metres, depth 8-10 foot. Patchier section with bream, tench and odd carp on the bend, rest pick up skimmers, roach and perch with bonus fish. Mainly pole with some feeder pegs for bream. Probably the best sections for tench, especially near the bushes
  • Crowle – //////copiers.croak.baseless
    At the junction of the A18 and the A161 go straight on down the track to the canal and go right upstream. KEEP TO THE LEFT-HAND SIDE, park in the gaps and do not drive onto the footpaths.Early pegs patchy, but bream and skimmers near the far bank rushes, especially near the bend. Look to pick out odd perch close in, and rudd on the waggler near rushes. Tench all along this stretch, and lots of hybrids. Consistent match stretch, with skimmers, roach and perch, with odd bream shoals. Mainly pole but feeder may pick out bream from the far bank. Don’t forget the tench!
  • Godnow Bridge – ///anguished.gravitate.lentil
    Go down the track on the right-hand side on the south bank heading downstream. KEEP TO THE LEFT-HAND SIDE, Park in the gaps and do not drive on the footpaths. For upstream pegs, park in the car park then walk over the road to access the pegs.
  • Wisemans Bridge – ///peachy.gazette.tinny
    Take Chapel Road, and park in the car park. Wiseman’s bridge crosses the South Soak Drain, cross over the drain via the footbridge and pegs are up and downstream.
  • Medge Hall – ///acoustics.clubbing.collected – car park
    Park in the car park and cross the road for downstream pegs. Limited vehicle access available on the track by the drain heading upstream. NO VEHICLES ON THE FLOODBANK.
  • Maud’s Bridge – ///spaces.short.prettiest – car park
    Cross the bridge for limited parking on the right-hand side. No fishing off the moorings near the bridge., cross back over the bridge and walk to the left. (Pegs to the right are not SAA waters).



  • Roach
  • Bream
  • Perch
  • Roach/ bream hybrids
  • Tench
  • Rudd
  • Eels
  • Pike
  • Chub
  • Dace
  • Bleak