Besthorpe – A warning
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Besthorpe – A warning

The Besthorpe downstream gate has been closed and the gate code changed to prevent vehicular access since the heavy rains came about and has been closed for a couple of months now.

We have a duty to protect the integrity of the flood bank as per our lease arrangement and it is customary for the gate to be closed for this reason.  If we did not, and the barrier was to be breached during a flood, the consequences to our club and the village do not bear thinking about!

However, on a number of occasions large 4X4’s have been going around the outside of the fence, near to the water’s edge.  Not only is this a danger to life, pollution, etc if a vehicle happens to tip into the river (the bank is about a 40 degrees slope) they are deliberately seen to speed down the flood bank causing further damage and consequently delaying us reopening access.  There is a further issue in that the Club has to repair the bank as the furrows are now exceptionally deep and in need of repair. At great cost to the club, we will carry out this repair work during the closed season.

Meanwhile, if any anglers see future incidents, please do not confront them but, if possible, send us a photograph and/or the car’s registration and we will take the matter up with the council and police.

Dave Collins

Posted 30/01/23